Business Model Canvas

When founders are getting started with the Canvas, they tend to focus on the right side. And rightly so, Blank notes—that’s where product/market fit will unfold. But it’s the oft-neglected left side of the canvas that will tell you what your founding team should look like. On a successful Canvas, the two sides should mirror each other; the right is all about customers, and the left tells you what you need to reach them.

Filling in the Canvas is level one. But understanding the interplay of the boxes takes you to level two. That’s when your Canvas goes from a checklist to a strategy.

Finding the right co-founder is one of the most instrumental pieces of that strategy. Start by looking carefully at your Key Activities box. Of the nine modules on the Canvas, it most defines what you need to do to build your product and deliver it successfully to consumers. Then jump down to the next box labeled Key Resources, where you’ll list what’s required to execute those activities. Is there a gap between what you’re going to need and what you bring to the table yourself? That delta reveals the expertise you need to find in your co-founder.

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